Plumbing fixtures (Installation/Replacement)

  • Toilets/Urinals
  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Bath Tubs
  • Sink's
  • Garbage Disposals

Whether it’s a leaky faucet or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, DeSousa Plumbing is your go to source! No job is too small or too big! DeSousa Plumbing will take pride in completing the job. We want to be your ‘go to’ company for all your plumbing needs.

We are the first choice in the Saugerties area for 24 hour plumbers. Most importantly, your complete satisfaction is our top priority, We are the plumber you can trust for routine maintenance and unexpected emergencies.

Plumbing Repairs / Leak Detection

The rule of thumb is when you suspect a water, sewer, or gas leak don’t wait until serious damage is caused. Be proactive and call the best leak detection and repair team in the business, DeSousa Plumbing.

Leaks in the sewer line or water lines are not always underground, at times they can be in the walls and foundations of your home. These leaks when caught early are more cost effective. Give DeSousa Plumbing a call today at (845) 246-2356 and let our 24 hour Saugerties area plumber handle your maintenance or emergency plumbing needs.

Water Heater Repair/Replacement (tank-less and conventional)

Whether you are installing a completely new water heater or repairing your existing system, DeSousa Plumbing can handle 100% of your scheduled or emergency plumbing needs.

DeSousa Plumbing can obtain and install all major brands of conventional and tankless hot water heaters. Our experts are here to help you choose the best system and pricing to meet your needs. In addition our master licensed plumber can help you diagnosis and repair your existing unit.

From scheduled installation to emergency repairs, there is no job too small or large, and our pricing is always competitive and fair. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Give us a call today and let our 24-hour Saugerties area plumber help you with all your preventative maintenance or emergency plumbing needs. For more questions about your specific water heater needs, including deciding if a tankless water heater is right for you, contact us today! Your water heater repair and installation specialist in the Saugerties Areas.

Well pumps Installation & Repair

Pumps are used for different reasons, water supply, gas line supply, refrigeration, air conditioning, irrigation, sewage, flood control and more. Due to the variety of applications different shapes and sizes are available.

A well maintained and serviced pump can be the difference between an efficient system and a costly replace or repair complication.

Common pumps include:

  • Water Pumps: Most residential water pumps are used for irrigation as part of a lawn or garden sprinkler system.
  • Pool Pumps: An electric water pump is the primary piece of equipment in re-circulating the water from a pool through a filtering system.
  • Sump Pumps: Sump pumps are used to help prevent basement flooding by collecting excess water and moving it away from a home's foundation.

Whatever pump you may have or need we will diagnose the problem and recommend the most efficient and cost effective solution. Call us today to help keep your system running smoothly.

Pressure tanks

If you are considering a new pressure tank or need repairs to your existing system DeSousa Plumbing will handle 100% of your plumbing needs.

A pressure tank works with your homes well pump to provide a consistent water pressure. The well pump moves the water to the pressure tank, then air is compressed so that when you turn on your faucet the water is available. Without a pressure tank all the work is coming from the well pump. This over works the well pump and reduces the live of your pump. By using a pressure tank the well pump only comes on if the pressure tank falls below a certain level.

Boiler Installation/Repair

DeSousa Plumbing services and repairs all makes and models of boilers. We can offer maintenance agreements for all our customers in and around the Saugerties area. Having a yearly maintenance and cleaning will increase your boiler’s efficiency and reduce utility costs extending the life of your equipment.

We have service agreements based on your needs and usage of the equipment. We offer payment options from small monthly payments to payment upon the scheduled maintenance of the equipment.

Sewer and Drain Maintenance and Repair

No doubt we get more calls for clogged drains and sewers than any other repair service. At DeSousa Plumbing, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, servicing the Saugerties area. No matter what your needs we want to be your first choice for emergency plumbing needs, allowing people to get on with your busy daily schedule.

Beyond deterioration from age, there are many reasons for clogged or failing sewers. Pipe seals may fail, this allows water leakage and debris to enter the pipes. Drain pipes and sewer lines get broken from changes in the environment, for example recent building or street construction, tree roots can penetrate and clog the line. Call DeSousa plumbing for fast efficient diagnostic services.

A Minimum of Disruption to your home

We understand that having a service person in your home can be stressful. Our goal is to have a minimum disruption to you. We respect your time and understand this is your sanctuary. Give us a call today at (845) 246-2356 and let our Saugerties area plumber help with all you plumbing needs.